VillaG6There is no certain information about the construction of the Villa, but from a style analysis and archival documents, this can be placed on the first half of the twentieth century. Luigi Guastamacchia, first owner of the villa, was a lawyer with a passion for landscape architecture, which led him to tend the garden himself. From the correspondence that Guastamacchia had in 1959 with landscape architects from the studio founded by Pietro Porcinai, we can guess how his interest in the garden was strong. Unfortunately, the intervention of the famous architect never occurred due to supervening lack of funds. The villa maintains strong ties with the urban architecture style of the city, in the peripheral area as well as in the old town, and it is spread over two levels marked by a trim in one piece made ​​lively by the two-tone white-pink smooth ashlar pilasters that run along the facade.

The garden

Of limited size and enclosed by a high fence, the Guastamacchia Garden is located behind the Villa. It is structured in two perpendicular trellises that present a semicircular structure with stone benches in point of intersection. The entrance of the Villa is characterized by a walk of cylindrical section pillars on which are placed decorative vases, that divides the area in two parts.  On the right side – the largest one – there is a section planted with citrus trees, and a pergola with asymmetric columns, which, along with Canadian Red vines create a natural, shaded area. Nowadays, the Villa Guastamacchia  is a recreation center for the elderly, as expressly required in the bequest by Mr. Guastamacchia, who gave away the property to the City Hall of Trani in the second half of the twentieth century. Main Tree Species: Pine, Fir, Box-Trees, Creeper, Oaks and Palms.

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