VicoloThe city, co-capital of the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, covers an area of ​​102.08 km² and has 53 883 inhabitants. It is located 7 meters above sea level, on the Adriatic coast, at a small creek that forms a natural harbor. Trani has a particular charm for its historical, artistic, religious and cultural richness and it is known throughout the world for its splendid Cathedral towards the sea, one of the best achievements in the Romanesque style of Puglia. THE IRRESISTIBLE CALL OF THE IMPRESSIVE SCENERY OF THE SEA THAT GREETS VISITORS, THE SIGHT THAT APPEARS IN THE EYES OF THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE COASTLINE AND THE TOWN’S PICTURESQUE HARBOR ARE UNFORGETTABLE. THE SUBLIME INTERWEAVING BETWEEN THE NATURAL ELEMENT PAR EXCELLENCE, THE SEA, AND THE ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS THAT COME TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY OF FORM IS A DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE. WALKING THROUGH THE STREETS AND ALLEYS OF THE OLD TOWN YOU CAN MEET THE FACES, HEAR THE SOUNDS, READ THE SIGNS OF  LIFE AND STORIES THAT REFER BACK IN TIME.

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