Renkontiĝo | Incontri tra Arte e Territoriois a path of site-specific artworks to be created within the City of Trani. It is a project aimed at the promotion and the DEVELOPMENT of our territory through contemporary  art. Starting from the Villa Comunale, among the oldest public garden of Puglia (1823), in close dialogue with the Mediterranean Sea, the path will take place between some of the most important gardens present in the city. Artists from every country will be invited to present their projects and Four of them will be selected to give their own interpretation of the sites through their works.

Renkontiĝo is a traveling project, which will involve every year different geographical areas and reality. THROUGH EXHIBITIONS STORIES AND TRADITIONS OF THE PAST WILL BE REVITALIZED AND THEY WILL BECOME A STARTING POINT FOR NEW THINKING AND PLANNING OF OUR FUTURE.

The project has been Presented and selected for The regional program ‘Principi Attivi 2012 – Giovani Idee per una Puglia migliore‘ and has obtained the financial support of Regione Puglia.


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